Zero Sensitive


MISSWAKE Zero Sensitive Toothpaste will papain in zero sensitive cover teeth perfectly and relief their sensitivity and protect of them against cold and very hot drinking. Relaxation by new appearance.Now , you can have less pain from sensitivity and a dazziling white smile . MISSWAKE Zero sensitive insulates the tooth from white polishing and lifting away surface stains.Plus, you'll get the same cavity protection you've come to trust with MISSWAKE toothpaste.

More Details

.  Maximum Strength Sensitivity relief

·  Promotes plaque removal and healthy gums with regular brushing

·  Fights tartar.

·  Freshens breath and whitens

·  Sensitivity relief and Enamel strength


What are the main causes of sensitive teeth?

There are a few causes of sensitive teeth:

Acid erosion caused by common food and drinks wearing away the enamel.

Sugary foods – these encourage the growth of bacteria, which can cause gum recession leaving sensitive areas exposed.

Brushing too hard. Yes, there is such a thing as brushing too hard, since over brushing can wear away tooth enamel