Daily Whitening


MISSWAKE Daily Whitening Toothpaste helps in keeping teeth white and Shiny.Allantoin in Daily Whitening find  the yellow stains and try to remove them perfectly.

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Use Daily Whitening Toothpaste to whiten teeth or as a maintenance programme following use of one of the Rapid White Tooth Whitening treatments.

·         Actively removes stubborn stains caused by red wine, tea, coffee and smoking

·         Prevents stains re-occurring and controls tartar

For best results brush teeth thoroughly for at least two minutes, preferably after each meal or at least twice a day, or as directed by a dentist or doctor.

·         High whitening silica content whitens teeth shades lighter with regular use

·         Offers maximum tooth whitening and minimal abrasion so it does not harm tooth enamel

·         Effective against stains from red wine, coffee, tea, smoking and ageing

·         Fluoride to help strengthen and remineralise tooth enamel to protect against tooth decay


·         Enamel-friendly formula Perfect for everyday use and between Rapid White System treatments