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fetuses were attached to one placenta while the female

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experimental inoculations of meningococci is attributed by

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ago. Slill it was hoped thai from the strength of his constitution

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was. days. In the worst cases other adjuvants such as cod liver

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carotid gland points to their being adult and not embryonic tissues.

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Medd Esq. of Haggate hill Cle eland in the North Hiding

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following points without being deemed to have exercised too much control the

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physiologist concludes from different experiments and from the circumstance of the

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and sometimes over the forehead. The attacks were sever

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medical schools and in schools of engineering and looks for a remedy

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conception it was deemed best to try gradual dilatation

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Middlesex Hospital with a large aneurism in the ham which

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siology of the Eustachian tube to be worthy of note.

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which should be made use of to collect data bearing

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careful testing of suspicious colonies on plates from old putres

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recognition of the communicable diseases and measures to prevent their

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resulting from attacks of adolescent mania usually in the early years of

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gurgitation and aortic aneurysm. On looking over his case

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Treatment. Constipation should be prevented by exercises plenty of

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gelatin solution may be introduced into the rectum or in

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necessity I contend has its source in the ignorance of the practitioner.

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Europe andAnierica. News of Societies and of interesting medical topics cordially invited.