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leg. We are on much more definite etiological ground however in con
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tine and in cases of severe internal hsemorrhage. In gunshot wounds
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of a keen observer is at the disposal of the reader.
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time previously especially among children. Jlr. Pickop
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umbilicus or navel or any natural opening and is generally
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the cervical epithelium to chemical irritation from
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marrow that the bladder would burst rather than allow a few
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signed by the professors is given to the candidate if some little honour
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cases and tlie kidney in i a vastly higher percentage.
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epithelial cells round cells fat globules and crystals protein substance mucin
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stage. Within a few weeks of the invasion of the disease Mr.
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Every public meeting where the dangers of tuberculosis are
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the epiglottis may be so tumefied as to be the chief
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ally by the Board of Agriculture in their efforts to get rid of
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ascribed to convulsions. In chronic diarrhoea convulsions are usually of ill
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vere digestive symptoms continuing over a long period
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action weak stools passed involuntarily. Died at midnight.
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cated but tlie apjietite is much better sleepless niglits
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pneumonia is a pleuritic pain and is the expression of an intercostal
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Vaccine and antitoxine or facilities for obtaining same
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The nephritis is due either to the Bacillus typhosus or to toxic substances.
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The relief afforded was prompt the cough soon losing its
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solidation at the base of the left lung. He was discharged
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struction to the blood vessels in displacements may increase the con
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peared earlier than that in taste in one case simul
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England and was a licentiate of the Royal College of
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hyaline metamorphosis of the vessel wall and psammoma and
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various degrees are the others. Peterborough alone is pro
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The Delaware Medical Journal will be reprinting three very important chapters from this
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ing the tube and possibly favoring the development of
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and as a consequence the woman was brought before the Sessions
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not in all probability experience heavier mortality
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trol based on the fact confirmed by science and expe
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a guinea pig of about grammes weight from death within four days contains
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taught us that many cases so treated result in fail
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Blixlrs each fluidounce represents ingredients stated.
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ufing the very words of Steno on the fame occafion
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vinced that the alkalinity of the hepatic duct bile of rabbits and
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An elastic stethoscope the ends of which are tipped
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cluding Bits and Bitting Saddles and Saddling Stable Drainage Driving One Horse
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the diagnosis of ulcer I think that what surgeons neglect to remem
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favor of the establishment of a Veterinary Corps in the army.