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to remove the stone from the duct which causes obstruction tempora

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Zi ler studied the broncho pneumonia of actinomycosis syphilis and

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Very early in the disease symptoms manifest themselves in the

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ity with solutions of chlorid of zinc or other germicides

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much water then and between feedings as she desired.

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membrane was specially sensitive. Physiologists know that whilst

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W. Bruce. Diagnosis and Treatment of Diseases of the Kidney amenable to direct

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portion of it after a time deliquesces into a thick brown fluid

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hepatic and gastrophrenic ligaments the stomach by this method not being

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skin and extremities of the nerves relieving internal engorge

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tasis with evidences of putrescence in the expectoration. It pre

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thinks that we are justified in considering the relative over

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up the irritation. He considered hyperacidity as another

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thus giving the characteristic chicken breast or keel shaped

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and unconscious the muscles relax are soft and flabby. In

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internal and external treatment of the disease. There are many

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The dilating stage is liable to considerable delay be

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of the urine of patients suffering from genito urinary

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after ail other known methods have failed. One case we will

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head and about six years ago the right side of her face became

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phelines and Stegomyia were however captured and in the case of the former

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ical treatment may have his suff erings alleviated and be sooner

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mortality and the improvement of maternal and infant morbidity.

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against the employment of devices in intestinal anas

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medicine on the following morning. The usual period however

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