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that with the large percentage of morbid cases during the year
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cyst embedded in the organ it would closely resemble a splenic abscess.
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of three or four days or when infection and inflammatory processes
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stage as was here depicted he had never seen before.
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tinguishing some cases of neurasthenia from general par
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larly if the antecedents and previous history of the
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lapse and died. The speaker was present at the autopsy
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In Poona tlie first cases of the epidemic were clearly imported
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Calcarea Carb. is a main remedy for chronic asthmatic complaints
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Clovis Marene Snyder University Hospital Baltimore Maryland
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ciliary body. By its contraction the ciliary processes
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excites contraction of the flexor muscles in the leg
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the pavilion plan for the reception of the insane in
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Dr. Thomas L. Smith died at his home in Brooklyn on
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tube constitutes the uterine cavity including the cornua
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the former. In one of our cases diagnosed by a number of neurologists
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colleges. The charters should not be granted unless
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nished that at any time had there been any such depar
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vessels in the same manner as has already been described in the
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down to the malady appears to have remained more or
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nursing staff and a monthly record of the messing will
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He looks upon cholesteatoma as a desquamative dermatitis the accumulated
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tion of posterior lobe of one lung that lasts several
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in a soldier who was healthy and of good antecedents hypopyon and
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subsequently decline as their functions cease to be required in the economy.
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persistent diarrhcea began of six to eight large fluid
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each menstruation. He does not urge incision as he deems a
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foreign body in the throat. It is frequently aggravated
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suture for primary union the scar may be hardly dis
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are frequently called upon to treat granulated eyelids. They are something
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Ducks to Roast and Stuff With Potato Stufang. The roasting
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balanorrheen balanitis blcnnorrhagla spuria or not ha
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space prevents our reviewing here the authors hold
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died of berri beri the other not accounted for having succumbed appar
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that the Lord will no longer single you out to bear
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sulted in a vast amount of correctional work being done by the physicians
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tient who had died of pneumonic plague thirteen hours
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belonging to the last menstruation. One case showed
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lightened because you have all so cheerfully helped me and to
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England yesterday for the South of Fr.rnce attended by
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greatly a prescription was accordingly written for Maltine with Hypo
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including intoxicating liquors only for the actual necessities ofmed
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very rare but it was to he remembered that slight dilata
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Little need be said regarding a work so well and favorably known
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