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A private Home for the treatment of Narcotic and Alcoholic addictions
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utilize simple compounds like plants. Musgrave and Clegg s medium
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poison so frightful in its ravages amongst civilized and warmer
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of the superior and inferior extremities pulv. dov. at night
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Examination showed decided shrinking of the left lung the heart displaced
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marrow should not have varied with the size of the dose.
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and in the same patients and the contagion of one will reproduce
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physical hysteria is stigmatized as a malady of the
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abnormality in the composition of the secretion and ultimate precipitation.
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pirations are frequent and irregular the urine shows the
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acteristic of the various pains in the neck and chest of
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they were the only representatives of their respective age groups. The
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There was a scar in the abdominal wall at about the
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are present. The fluid will not flow freely after lumbar puncture as the
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of each cornu of the hyoid bone was found. The left side of
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Cause. A contagion which is particularly communicable to
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Of the origin of basketry we know little. It is one
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this resulted in more peritoneal adhesions which mu lt t
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of prisms or cutting of the external muscles is indicated
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of late. Pauperism has decreased in a correspondmg ratio.
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owners and tenants of the property are not to be blamed for
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continued to exist for ten or eleven years but during
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only after the fever has persisted for several days.
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eulogised for the conspicuous share which he took in these
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is already sufficient digitalis does not cause diuresis. The cause of the
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lected as early in the course of the illness as was
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and whose hearing by their own testimony was normal. The selection was
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had borne three normal children. Seven of the twenty
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These preliminary remarks will serve to indicate the problems with
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