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eight of the cases the ointment of the tincture of iodine or ioduret of potash


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coitus, and am still at a loss to explain the occurrence unless, it

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were concerned. We feel that our series is too small as yet, and

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(29) Preliminary Examination (certificate to include all the required

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preliminary to a more exhaustive treatment of the growth proc-

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In regard to the other etiological factors of leucoplakia there

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the instructions of the committee, also collected by himself.

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(2) and (3) Right and Left Suprarenal Capsules. — Degenera-

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K>^co w>^;f^'~ ^>^2 ^^-'^'^ «!>^2~ whS'~ -s^^S

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smooth muscular strands in the villi aids at least the passage of the chyle through

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used, docs not lather well. May be perfumed at plea-

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missioned officers with the convoy continue to sit on their

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Opium-eating sometimes becomes a necessity by the perversion of the

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for the due performance of his work in that great city of 210,000

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sixteen patients. The causes were various, trouble from

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to do if the aseptic method is to be employed. Anesthetize the

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Sphincters. — It is exceptional for paralysis of the sphincters to occur as

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greateft certainty of relief; therefore give either

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Rain may get into the shaft, and by evaporation cool the

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the whole enclosed by a high wall separating it from the

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amraoniacal decomposition, and that it is for this reason that the

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squeeze out the multiplicity of new tissue elements and the migrated

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extract rather than to determine the absolute calcium values. It

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(quoted in the Lancet^ Dec. 1st, 1888) the results of his obser-

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The second patient had otitis media and also pulmonary symptoms lasting

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atrophy of the anterior horn cells are never met with. I am sure, how-

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this purpose frogs were better adapted than the higher animals, as the

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operative surgery, every region upon which operations are described

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extraction of opium ; and it might even, in course of time, become an arti-

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Its chief advantage in ocular syphilis is as an excellent opening in

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may be useful to examine the evidence which must be depended

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