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variation in different cases as regards its duration before a fatal ending;

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ter physician, to the prejudice of the former, gains

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Faculty of Lyons, has been experimenting on the action

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with sterile glass beads. The goat's blood was allowed to clot, and

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the immunity from the disease, enjoyed by women who have lived for

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tionary. What we often mistake for the spleen in these cases is the bulging of the

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the chemistry of the products arising from the decomposition of hemo-

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right side. We notice the pale lips of the patient. She

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ever been recorded in history occurred in ology ; Bacteria; Immunity; The Prcpa-

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criminate between the loud, diffused, though articulate, resonance

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showed had a recess instead of a slot, and that was tilled with lead. The

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It was then determined to try their effect on the trachea, and

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lawful for "any person" who has not registered or paid

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plications, requires a shorter stay in the hospital, gives greater com-

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(A teaspoonful every two or three hours to an infant under one year.)

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action of the lytic agent will be chosen as a criterion in the following

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mixture is 1-100 or even 1-80. The scab, composed of necrotic cancerous tissues,

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eases won him so much fame, was himself an experienced ophthalmic

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fo.ty-eight iiours had elapsed. After that, however,